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SKU Description Eligible Notes
CCE-PAC-AGENT CCE Packaged Agent 0%
CCE-PAC-M1 CCE and CVP Deployment Package M1 0%
CTI-TMS-SW-K9 Cisco TelePresence Management Suite - Includes 10 Systems 0%
L-7010-TPSINTOP Order L-TS7000-UPG-PAKforE-dlvryof 7010 TelePres.Interop Opt 0%
L-TMS-100 Order L-TMS-APL-PAK for E-dlvry of add TMS 100 system lic 0%
L-TMS-25 Order L-TMS-APL-PAK for E-deliveryof add TMS 25 system lic 0%
L-TMS-ANLYEXT Order L-TMS-SW-PAK for E-delivry of TMS Analytics Extension 0%
L-TMS-APPINT Ordr L-TMS-SW-PAK forE-dlivry TMS App Intg Pkg per srvr intg 0%
L-TMS-BAPI-25 Order L-TMS-SW-PAKfor E-dlvry TMS Booking API Int Pkg 25 sys 0%
L-TMS-MSEX-25 OrdrL-TMS-SW-PAKfor E-dlvry TMS MS Exchange Int Pack, 25 sys 0%
L-TMS-NETINT Order L-TMS-SW-PAK for E-dlvry TMS Network Int Pack 0%
L-TMS-SW-PAK TMS Suite e-Delivery License PAK 0%
L-TS7000-UPG-PAK TS 7000 Upgrade PAK PIDs 0%