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E-rate Modernization = Unprecedented Opportunity for Applicants

The E-rate program offers $3.9 billion worth of discounts to K–12 schools and libraries each year. Due to the $1.9 billion in rollover funding, there is an unprecedented $5.8 billion available for the 2016 funding year (E-rate Year 19). Because of the E-rate Modernization Order and the additional funds, it is now possible for all schools and libraries that qualify for the E-rate program to use some funding for their digital initiatives.

Cisco SMARTnet and Services

Basic maintenance (Cisco CON-SW SKUs) is 100% E-rate eligible. However, services eligibility is dependent on the product eligibility for which the service covers.  For example, a CON-SW SKU for a 90% E-rate eligible product would be 90% eligible. You can click the “Product Eligibility” tab above for Cisco product eligibility information.

Applicants who wish to purchase SMARTnet service for eligible products should be able to do so using a cost-allocation approach. SMARTnet (SNT) contains E-rate eligible and ineligible service parts. When preparing applications for E-rate funding, applicants should only request E-rate discounts on the eligible portion of SMARTnet services. A cost allocation worksheet, which provides the cost delta between Cisco basic maintenance service (CON-SW) and the various service levels of SMARTnet, may be found below.

It is important to note that this worksheet contains percentages for products that are eligible, cost-allocated, or ineligible. It is not an eligibility worksheet. In order to determine the E-rate eligibility of any of the service SKUs in the worksheet, the cost allocation percentage should be multiplied by the eligible percentage of the product covered by that service.

Hardware Replacement Allocations

If you have further questions regarding product eligibility or this cost allocation methodology, please use the “Questions” tab above. Cisco partners may also visit the Cisco E-rate Partner Central site for more information. For other questions, please send an email to the Cisco E-rate team. We’re here to help!



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