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Product Eligibility

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SKU Desc Eligible Notes
SKU ACI-AD-XF Description DCN Advantage SW license for a 10G+ Nexus 9K Leaf Eligible 100% Notes
SKU N93-LIC-BUN-P2= Description N9300 LAN and ACI Software License Bundle PAK Eligible Contact Us Notes Please use the Questions tab to inquire about this product SKU.
SKU N93-SERVICES1K9 Description Nexus 9300 Network Services (ITD, IP Media Fabric) Eligible 100% Notes
SKU NXOS-AD-XF Description NX-OS Advantage License for Nexus 9300 (10G+) Platforms Eligible 100% Notes
SKU NXOS-AD-XF2 Description NX-OS Advantage license for Nexus 9300 (XF2 10G+) Platforms Eligible 100% Notes
SKU NXOS-ES-GF Description NX-OS Essentials SW license for a 1G Nexus 9K Eligible 100% Notes
SKU NXOS-ES-XF Description NX-OS Essentials license for Nexus 9300 (10G+) Platforms Eligible 100% Notes