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SKU Description Eligible Notes
L-SL-VG350-SEC-K9= Cisco VG350 Security License (e-delivery spare) 0%
SL-VG350-DAT-K9 Cisco VG350 Data License 0%
SL-VG350-SEC-K9 Cisco VG350 Security License 0%
SL-VG350-SEC-K9= Cisco VG350 Security License (spare) 0%
SVG350UK9-15204M= Cisco VG350 Series IOS UNIVERSAL 0%
VG310 Modular 24 FXS Port VoIP Gateway with PVDM3-64 0%
VG320 Modular 48 FXS Port VoIP Gateway with PVDM3-128 0%
VG350-144FXS/K9 Cisco VG350 144 FXS Bundle 0%
VG350-72F48E/K9 Cisco VG350 72 FXS & 48 FXS OPX-Lite Bundle 0%
VG350-96FXSE/K9 Cisco VG350 96 FXS OPX-Lite Bundle 0%
VG350-FANASSY Cisco VG350 Fan Assembly 0%
VG350-SPE150/K9 Cisco VG350 Motherboard 0%
VG350-SPE150/K9= Cisco VG350 Motherboard 0%
VG350/K9 Cisco VG350 High Density Voice over IP Analog Gateway 0%