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SKU Description Eligible Notes
LIC-7010-TPSINTOP TS-7010 TPS Telepresence Interoperability option 0%
LIC-TMS-100 Cisco TMS - Additional 100 Direct Managed Systems 0%
LIC-TMS-25 Cisco TMS - Additional 25 Direct Managed Systems 0%
LIC-TMS-ANLYEXT Cisco TMSAE - Analytics Extension 0%
LIC-TMS-APPINT Cisco TMS Application Integ License - Per Server Integrated 0%
LIC-TMS-BAPI-25 Cisco TMSBA -Extension Booking API - Per 25 sys reg. 0%
LIC-TMS-MSEX-25 Cisco TMSXE - Extension for MS Exchange - Per 25 sys reg. 0%
LIC-TMS-NETINT Network Int Pkg (Polycom MGC, Radvision ViaIP, Cisco 3540) 0%