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SKU Description Eligible Notes
PA-2E3 2 Port E3 Serial Port Adapter with E3 DSUs 100%
PA-2FE-FX ^2-Port Fast Ethernet 100Base FX Port Adapter 100%
PA-2FE-TX 2-Port Fast Ethernet 100Base TX Port Adapter 100%
PA-2H ^2-Port HSSI Port Adapter 100%
PA-2T3+ ^2 Port T3 Serial Port Adapter Enhanced 100%
PA-4T+ ^4 Port Serial Port Adapter, Enhanced 100%
PA-8T-V35 ^8-Port Serial, V.35 Port Adapter 100%
PA-A6-E3 ^1Port Enh ATM E3 Port Adapter 100%
PA-A6-OC3MM ^1 Port Enh ATM OC3c/STM1 Multimode Port Adapter 100%
PA-A6-OC3SMI ^1 Port Enh ATM OC3c/STM1 Singlemode(IR)Port Adapter 100%
PA-A6-OC3SML ^1 Port Enh ATM OC3c/STM1 Singlemode(LR)Port Adapter 100%
PA-A6-T3 ^1Port Enh ATM DS3 Port Adapter 100%
PA-E3 1 Port E3 Serial Port Adapter with E3 DSU 100%
PA-H 1-Port HSSI Port Adapter 100%
PA-MC-2E1/120 ^2 port multichannel E1 port adapter with G.703 120ohm interf 100%