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SKU Description Eligible Notes
SM-X-64A= 64 channel Async serial interface for ISR4000 series router 100%
SM-X-ES3-16-P++= SM-X EtherSwitch, L2/L3, SM, 16 GE, POE+ 100%
SM-X-ES3-24-P++= SM-X EtherSwitch, L2/L3, SM, 24 GE, POE+ 100%
SM-X-ES3D-48-P++= SM-X EtherSwitch, L2/L3, SM, 48 GE, 2 SFP, POE+ 100%
SSD-SATA-400G= 400 GB, SATA Solid State Disk Undetermined Please use the Questions tab to inquire about this SKU.