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SKU Description Eligible Notes
L-DMM-AS-ENT-ADD Existing DMM - Add AppSpace Enterprise 0%
L-DMM-AS-PRO-ADD Existing DMM - Add AppSpace Pro 0%
L-DMS-AS-ENT AppSpace Enterprise Edition 0%
L-DMS-AS-PRO AppSpace Pro Edition 0%
L-DMS-ENT-CAL-1 1- Enterprise Client Access License - only for AppSpace Ent 0%
L-DMS-PRO-CAL-1 1- Professional Client Access License - only for AppSpacePro 0%
MDE-1100-CALIC MDE 1100 Series Content Acquirer SW License 0%
MDE-MGMTSW-LIC MDE 11xx / 31xx Series CDSM Management SW License 0%