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SKU Description Eligible Notes
L-CIAC-PAM-WSAPI= Cisco PAM Web Services API License 0%
L-CIAC-PAME-BD= Cisco PAM Badge Designer and Enroller License 0%
L-CIAC-PAME-EDI= Cisco PAM Enterprise Data Integration License 0%
L-CIAC-PAME-HA= Cisco PAM Enterprise High Availability License 0%
L-CIAC-PAME-M1024= Cisco PAM 1024 Module License 0%
L-CIAC-PAME-M128= Cisco PAM 128 Module License 0%
L-CIAC-PAME-M512= Cisco PAM 512 Module License 0%
L-CIAC-PAME-M64= Cisco PAM 64 Module License 0%