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SKU Description Eligible Notes
EA-HCS-PC1-USER Prime Central User - HCS LE for EA 0%
JAB9-DSK-CLNT-EA Jabber for Desktop 9.x Client License for Windows/Mac 0%
JAB9-IPAD-EA Jabber for iPad for EA 0%
JAB9-IPAD-EA-RTU Jabber for iPad for EA RTU 0%
LIC-300-EA-1SL Cisco TelePresence Server Screen License 0%
LIC-8710-EA-1SL Cisco TelePresence Server Screen License 0%
LIC-AES-VTS-EA-K9 AES and HTTPS option for VTS 0%
LIC-CNDTR-EA-B30 Conductor license, support up to 30 bridges 0%
LIC-CNDTR-EA-C2400 Conductor 2400 call sessions license 0%
LIC-CNDTR-EA-CL Conductor clustering support 0%
LIC-CNDTR-EA-K9 Conductor License for Base Encrypted Software Image 0%
LIC-MSE8000-EA-PAK MSE 8000 Chassis Licenses PAK PIDs 0%
LIC-TS300-EA-PAK PAK for e-Delivery TS Screen Lic 0%
LIC-VMCNDTR-EA-PAK PAK for virtual Conductor 0%
LIC-VTS-EA-1SL Cisco TelePresence Server Screen License 0%
LIC-VTS-EA-INTOP Order L-VTS-UPG-PAK for e-Delivery Virtual TS Interop Lic 0%
LIC-VTS-EA-K9 Cisco VM TelePresence Server Release Key 0%
LIC-VTS-EA-PAK PAK for e-Delivery Virtual TS Screen Lic 0%
UCSS-EA-TPC-PAK PAK for UCSS for EA TP Conferencing 0%
VXME-LINUX-EA Cisco VXME for SUSE Linux for EA 0%
VXME-WINDOWS-EA Cisco VXME for Windows for EA 0%
WBXMTSVR1-EA-USR WebEx Meeting Server 1.x Users 0%