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ASR1001 Feature Licenses: Enforced with PAK(1 Product)
ASR1001 Feature Licenses: Not Enforced(49 Products)
ASR1001 Technology Package Licenses: Enforced with PAK(4 Products)
Cisco ASR 1000 Accessories(1 Product)
Cisco ASR 1000 Licenses(94 Products)
Cisco ASR 1000 Shared Port Adapters(1 Product)
Cisco ASR 1000 Software with the Exception of ASR1001(148 Products)
Cisco ASR 1000 Upgrade Licenses(27 Products)
Cisco ASR 1000 Upgrade Licenses with exception of ASR 1001(2 Products)
Cisco ASR1001 IOS XE Software Universal Software(2 Products)