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SKU Description Eligible Notes
L-300-TPI Cisco TelePresence Server 3rd Party Multi-Screen Interop Key 0%
L-AES-VTS-K9 AES and HTTPS option for VTS 0%
L-VTS-1SL Order L-VTS-UPG-PAK for e-Delivery Virtual TS Screen Lic 0%
L-VTS-TPSINTOP Order L-VTS-UPG-PAK for e-Delivery Virtual TS Interop Lic 0%
LIC-300-1SL Cisco TelePresence Server Screen License 0%
LIC-5300-4PL 1 Full HD / 2 HD / 4 SD ports on MCU 5300 Series 0%
LIC-AES-TS300-K9 TelePresence Server 300 Series Encryption Key 0%
LIC-VCS-10 Video Comm Server 10 Add Non-traversal Network Calls 0%
LIC-VCSE-5 Video Communication Server - 5 Traversal Calls 0%