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SKU Description Eligible Notes
UCS-CPU-E72803= 1.73 GHz E7-2803 105W 6C / 18M Cache/NoHeatSink 0%
UCS-CPU-E72830= 2.13 GHz E7-2830 105W 8C / 24M Cache/NoHeatSink 0%
UCS-CPU-E72850= 2 GHz E7-2850 130W 10C /24M Cache/NoHeatSink 0%
UCS-CPU-E72860= 2.26 GHz E7-2860 130W 10C / 24M Cache/NoHeatSink 0%
UCS-CPU-E72870= 2.4 GHz E7-2870 130W 10C / 30M Cache /NoHeatSink 0%