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100GBASE CFP Modules(6 Products)
10GBASE Modules(88 Products)
40GBASE QSFP Modules(9 Products)
Cables for Transceiver Modules(13 Products)
CFP 40G Modules and Adapters(8 Products)
Cisco Service Control Management Suite(1 Product)
Converter Module(1 Product)
CPAK(11 Products)
CTMP(1 Product)
CWDM Add/Drop Modules(18 Products)
CWDM GBICs/SFPs(8 Products)
CXP(6 Products)
DWDM SFPs(41 Products)
DWDM X2(32 Products)
DWDM XENPAK (Longer Leadtime)(17 Products)
DWDM XENPAK (Shorter Leadtime)(15 Products)
DWDM XFP(34 Products)
GBICs(4 Products)
Only for optic tap monitor (Nexus Data Broker or equivalent)(1 Product)
QSFP100G Transceivers and Cables(18 Products)
QSFP40G Transceiver Modules & Cables(72 Products)
SFP+(76 Products)
SFP25G Transceivers and Cables(2 Products)
SFPs(105 Products)