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SKU Description Eligible Notes
C880-10GBASE Cisco C880 M4 Dual 10GBASE Card 0%
C880-16GFC-L202 Cisco C880 M4 Dual Channel 16Gbps FC Card 0%
C880-2T-M4 Cisco C880 M4 Server for SAP HANA 2T Scale out 0%
C880-32GB-2X16 Cisco C880 M4 32 GB Memory Unit (2x16GB) 0%
C880-64GB-2X32 Cisco C880 M4 64 GB Memory Unit (2x 32GB) 0%
C880-6G-RAID Cisco C880 M4 Dual channel 6Gps SAS RAID Controller 0%
C880-6T-M4 Cisco C880 M4 Server for SAP HANA 6T Scale out 0%
C880-BAT-CR2032 Cisco C880 M4 Battery CR2032 0%
C880-BAT-CR2450 Cisco C880 M4 Battery CR2450 0%
C880-DISK-D061 Cisco C880 M4 Disk Unit 0%
C880-E78890B Cisco C880 M4 CPU E7-8890 V2 0%
C880-FAN-UNIT Cisco C880 M4 Fan Unit 0%
C880-FAN02258 Cisco C880 M4 Fan Module A3C40102258 0%
C880-FAN40618 Cisco C880 M4 Fan Module A3C40140618 0%
C880-FBU Cisco C880 M4 Flash Backup Unit 0%
C880-FBU-CBL Cisco C880 M4 FBU Cable 0%
C880-FRDKT-D703 Cisco C880 M4 Front Docking Kit 0%
C880-GREASE Cisco C880 M4 Grease 0%
C880-IO-1GBE Cisco C880 M4 1GbE I/O Unit 0%
C880-J-17-M4 Cisco C880 M4 Attached JBOD for SAP HANA 2T Scale out 0%
C880-J-21-M4 Cisco C880 M4 Attached JBOD for SAP HANA 6T Scale out 0%
C880-J-900G Cisco C880 M4 900G SAS Disk 0%
C880-J-BP Cisco C880 M4 JBOD Backplane 0%
C880-J-EXP Cisco C880 M4 JBOD Expansion Module 0%
C880-J-PNL Cisco C880 M4 JBOD Panel 0%
C880-J-PSU Cisco C880 M4 JBOD Power Supply 0%
C880-J-SASCBL Cisco C880 M4 JBOD SAS Cable 0%
C880-M4-SER-CBL Cisco C880 M4 Serial Cable 0%
C880-MEM-MEZZ2 Cisco C880 M4 Memory Expansion Board 0%
C880-MMB-D053-2 Cisco C880 M4 MMB Unit 0%
C880-PSU Cisco C880 M4 Power Supply 0%
C880-SAS-C200 Cisco C880 M4 SAS Internal RAID Controller 0%
C880-SBU-D602 Cisco C880 M4 System Board Unit 0%
C880-SFPMOD Cisco C880 M4 SFP+ Module 0%
C880-TFM Cisco C880 M4 TFM Module 0%
N20-BKVM= KVM local IO cable for UCS servers console port 0%
N20-MBLIBATT= Replacement Battery for Server Motherboard (CR2032) 0%
R200-BHTS1= CPU heat sink for UCS C200 M1 and M2 Rack Server 0%
R200-SASCBL-001= Internal SAS Cable for a base UCS C200 M1 Server 0%
R200-TPM1 TPM Module for UCS C200 and C210 Rack Server 0%
R210-BHTS1= CPU heat sink for UCS C210 M1 and M2 Rack Server 0%
R210-ODVDRW DVD-RW Drive for UCS C210 M1 Rack Servers 0%
R210-SATACBL-002= Internal SATA Cable for a base UCS C210 Server 0%
R250-CBLARM Cable Management Arm for R200-1032RAIL 0%
R2XX-CMAG3-1032 Cable Mgmt Arm for R2XX-G31032RAIL for C200/C210 0%
R2XX-CMAG3-1032= Cable Mgmt Arm for G3 10-32 rail kit for C200/C210 0%
SASCBLSHORT-003= 2 Short SAS Cables for UCS C210 Server ( for SAS Expander) 0%