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SKU Description Eligible Notes
C9300-24P-EDU 100%
C9300-24S-EDU Catalyst 9300 24 GE SFP Ports, modular uplink Switch, K-12 100%
C9300-24T-EDU 100%
C9300-24U-EDU 100%
C9300-24UX-EDU 100%
C9300-48P-EDU 100%
C9300-48S-EDU Catalyst 9300 48 GE SFP Ports, modular uplink Switch, K-12 100%
C9300-48T-EDU 100%
C9300-48U-EDU 100%
C9300-48UN-EDU Catalyst 9300 48-port 5Gbps, K12 100%
C9300-48UXM-EDU 100%
C9300L-24P-4G-EDU Catalyst 9300L 24p PoE,4x1G Uplink,K12 100%
C9300L-24P-4X-EDU Catalyst 9300L 24p PoE,4x10G Uplink,K12 100%
C9300L-24T-4G-EDU Catalyst 9300L 24p Data,4x1G Uplink,K12 100%
C9300L-24T-4X-EDU Catalyst 9300L 24p Data,4x10G Uplink,K12 100%
C9300L-24UXG2Q-EDU Catalyst 9300L 24p 8mGig,2x40G Uplink,K12 100%
C9300L-24UXG4X-EDU Catalyst 9300L 24p 8mGig,4x10G Uplink,K12 100%
C9300L-48P-4G-EDU Catalyst 9300L 48p PoE,4x1G Uplink,K12 100%
C9300L-48P-4X-EDU Catalyst 9300L 48p PoE,4x10G Uplink,K12 100%
C9300L-48T-4G-EDU Catalyst 9300L 48p Data,4x1G Uplink,K12 100%
C9300L-48T-4X-EDU Catalyst 9300L 48p Data,4x10G Uplink,K12 100%
C9300L-48UXG2Q-EDU Catalyst 9300L 48p 8mGig,2x40G Uplink,K12 100%
C9300L-48UXG4X-EDU Catalyst 9300L 48p 8mGig,4x10G Uplink,K12 100%