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Eligibility information on this page is subject to the criteria listed in the Important Eligibility Information section.

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SKU Description Eligible Notes
AIR-ACC370-NF-NF= N (f) to N (f) RF adapter 0%
AIR-ACC370-NM-RF= N (m) to RP-TNC (f) RF adapter 0%
AIR-ACCDMK3700= IW3700 Series DIN Rail-Mount Kit 0%
AIR-ACCPMK3700-2= IW3700 Series Pole-Mount Kit, 2" to 16" 0%
AIR-ACCPMK3700= IW3700 Series Pole-Mount Kit, 2" to 3" 0%
CAB-ETHRJ45-M12-10 M12 to RJ-45 Ethernet cable, 10 ft 0%
CAB-L240-10-N-R= RA-N (m) to RP-TNC (f), LMR-240-DB, 10 ft 0%
CAB-PWR-M12-10 M12 DC power cable, 10 ft 0%