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SKU Description Eligible Notes
ASR1000-SIP40-SB Cisco ASR1000 SPA Interface Processor 40, I/O Bundle 100%
ASR1000X-AC-1100W= Cisco ASR1000-X 1100W AC Power Supply, Spare 100%
ASR1000X-DC-950W= Cisco ASR1000-X 950W DC Power Supply, Spare 100%
ASR1002X-SB ASR1002-X Special Bundle 100%
ASR1004-SB Cisco ASR1004 Chassis, Dual P/S, I/O Bundle 100%
ASR1006-SB Cisco ASR1006 Chassis, Dual P/S, I/O Bundle 100%
ASR1009X-ACS= Cisco ASR1009-X Accessory Kit 100%
CAB-ACB10A-RA= Power Cord, Brazil, Right Angle, 10A, spare 100%